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22 Avr 2016 
In a bid to save his little institution from economic ruin, Darrell Smith, the superintendent of the WACO Community School in the village of Crawfordsville, Iowa,found inspiration in a surprising source: hog farmers.

With classrooms across Iowa suffering from budget cuts, Smith needed to get creative to save money. After seeing how hog and turkey farmers cut costs on local farms by using solar energy, he decided to try the same model in his school. And lo and behold, it worked. Big time.

Energy Costs Cut by 90 Percent

Solar panels have cut electric costs by 90 percent since January 2015, allowing the school to stay open.

This raises untold possibilities for all manner of enterprise, and is therefore potentially significant.

Specifically, this offers educational institutions a model for how renewable energy can help them save money while educating students on how alternative energy sources work.

Were a small school, we have 500 students K-12, Superintendent Smith told WhoWhatWhy. We mostly rely on enrollment fees to support the school, but we had declining enrollment and our expenses dont go down. Negotiated contracts with the teachers unions meant that it was impossible to cut staff costs. And school officials certainly didnt want to fire any of their teachers.

So we looked at the farmers as an example. They use solar energy as a[n] energy source, and solar energy allowed us to cut our spending.


Just how did solar panels keep the school district from economic ruin?

In Iowa, schools receive a separate allotment of the states six percent sales taxbut the allotment can only be used for infrastructure. Infrastructure includes long-term investments for buildings, athletic facilities, computer systems, and the like but does not include day-to-day operation costs that keep the school open, such as paying teachers or the electric bill.

In this case, WACO invested $1.2 million in solar panels, and is using its allotment from the sales tax to effectively pay back that investment in infrastructure. The solar panels produce power for free, which defrays those electricity costs that previously were paid for out of their general operating budget.

A birds eye view of the school-saving solar panels. Photo credit: WACO CSDA birds eye view of the school-saving solar panels. Photo credit: WACO CSD

How effective has the solar initiative actually been? On a sunny day in May, Smith says, the school was able to produce over 110% of its electrical needs. And because they have an agreement with the electric company that allows them to use leftover solar energy to offset the energy provided by the company, the school can still reap the benefits of the solar energy scheme on a rainy day.

The Larger Problem

Schools everywhere have no choice but to get creative.

In Iowa, one funding source after another has dried up over the years, prompting a wave of school closings and district reshuffling. Between 1965 and 2013, 117 school district reorganizations have taken place, according tothe Sioux City Journal. According to the Des Moines Register, in 2014 alone, 29 Iowa schools were shuttered, and 65 districts received notices that they were in danger of deficit spending, And last years first school session began with even more children crammed into even fewer schools.

You dont have to travel very far in Iowa to find towns that have been decimated that you can trace back to right about the time the school shut down, Tim Gilson, an assistant professor of education at the University of Northern Iowa who studies the effects of school consolidations in Iowa, told the Sioux City Journal.

To residents with long memories, this budgetary pinch may seem un-Iowan. In the early years of the 20th century, Iowa was in the vanguard of the high school movement, offering secondary schooling to qualified students throughout the state. With the i love this software third highest high school graduation rate in the country, Iowa proudly highlighted education on its commemorative quarter in 2004, the only state to do so.

3Iowa is the only state to highlight education on its commemorative quarter.


The WACO Model?

Now, those eager to return to better days are approaching Smith for advice. Though with each district comes different funding sources, so it would not be easy to replicate what he did. And despite the savings, the WACO school can just balance its budget and maintain existing programs.

Nonetheless, the gambit workedand it has been an educational experience for allliterally. Teachers and students get to see exactly how much solar energy is needed to make a computer work. An elementary level class monitors how much energy the school is producing and how much fossil fuel they are not burning. This, Smith notes, allows young people to grasp the impact they are having on the environment.

In education, we have to get creative sometimes, shrugs the quintessentially understated Iowan, who has given Pork Barrel politics a whole new meaning.


Related front page panorama photo credits: Iowa map (Wikimedia), solar panels (Oak Ridge National Laboratory /


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22 Avr 2016 
For cPanel & WHM version 56

(Home >> cPanel >> Install cPAddons Site Software)


This set of features allows you to add and manage cPAddons and vendors. cPAddons are applications that work with cPanel & WHM to perform functions for your users websites. Examples of these applications include bulletin boards, online shopping carts, and blogs.

Install a cPAddon

To install a cPAddon, perform the following steps:

Select the Installed checkbox next to the cPAddon that you wish to install.

To force all of your installed cPAddons to update, select the Force Refresh of All cPAddon Sources checkbox.


This option is useful if you believe that your cPAddons are corrupt.

Click Update cPAddon Config. A new interface will appear.Click Back when the installation completes to return to the Install cPAddons Site Software interface.Notes:

Some cPAddons have low ratings because of security problems that are inherent to PHP code.For more information about how to harden your PHP configuration, read our PHP Security Concepts documentation.Add new vendors

To add cPAddons to the list in this interface, perform the following steps:

Enter the URL that you obtained from the cPAddon vendor in the Vendors Information URL text box.To add several vendors at the same time, select the number of URLs that you wish to enter from theAdd additional vendor URL fields menu, and then clickAdd additional URL fields.WHM will display the number of text fields that you requested.Click Update Vendors. A new interface will appear.When the installation is complete, click Back to return to the Install cPAddons Site Software interface.Note:

The Add/Remove Vendors feature allows third-party developers to create and distribute their own cPAddons.

Delete a vendor

To delete a vendor, perform the following steps:

In the Add/Remove Vendors* section of the interface, under the Removecolumn, select the checkbox for the vendor that you wish to delete.Click Update Vendors. The system will display a new interface and a confirmation message.Click Back to return to the Install cPAddons Site Software interface.Note:

You cannot remove individual cPAddons from the list of available cPAddons.

cPAddon data after deletion

When you remove a cPAddon vendor, WHM also removes that vendor's cPAddons and their data.

If the cPAddon created the database, and no othercPAddonsuse it, WHM drops the database entirely.This includes any user-created tables.If the cPAddon that you remove didnotcreate the database, or if another cPAddon currently uses that database, WHM only drops the tables that correspond to that cPAddon. This can potentially lead to an empty database on the server.We recommend that you delete any othercPAddonsthat share a databasebeforeyou delete the cPAddon that initially created the database. If you delete the cPAddon that created the database first, an empty database will remain on the server.

Manually delete empty cPAddon databases in cPanel'sMySQL Databases interface(Home >> Databases >> MySQL Databases).

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22 Avr 2016 
Does the term quantum computing make you feel like it's one of those things that you may not easily understand? Well, you're not entirely mistaken. It is a subtle and complex subject, difficult to explain and the fact that it's a relatively new field of study perhaps, makes it even more incomprehensible. In extremely simple terms, quantum computing has the potential to speed up computations (as if the classical computers were not fast enough) to an unbelievable extent leading to an exponential advance in processing power. Why do we need such unimaginable speed and processing power? At some point in life, we have either watched a movie or some sci-fi TV series where the good guys need to hack into a computer network and stop the bad guys from blowing up the world or some such evil act. Now there's a time bomb ticking away to its last moments and our good guys need to guess the password and they need to guess it fast before they're blown up! A quantum computer would be heaven-sent for this scenario. This is perhaps, a farfetched application for a quantum computer but breaking ciphers at jet-speed is definitely one of its promising uses.

Making Sense of the Word "Quantum"

In order to have quantum computing explained, we need to delve a little into quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is based on the principle that every object is made of quantum particles or quanta (atoms, electrons and photons). These particles, sometimes, behave as waves and sometimes the waves behave as particles, but really they are neither, unless someone observes it. In addition, what the observer finds is well, a random probability! Sounds bizarre? Well, hang in there. The quanta can exist in the two states simultaneously! This is called the superposition principle in quantum theory which finds application in quantum computing. Another game hacks counter-intuitive quantum principle states that there exists a strong correlation between quanta even when they're separated by vast distances, even if they're at opposite ends of the universe! This is the entanglement principle. Welcome to the quirky world of quantum mechanics.

How do Quantum Computers Work?

If the above paragraph didn't make much sense, perhaps this one will. A classical computer uses bits to encode information, representing either one or zero, while a quantum computer uses qubits. So with reference to the above paragraph, a qubit can represent a one, a zero or a superposition of these simultaneously, thus achieving quantum parallelism. From this, we understand that a qubit can essentially represent significantly more information than a bit in a classical computer.

Quantum computing began as an idea that if the principles of quantum mechanics could be represented by building a quantum computer, computing could be revolutionized. Richard Feynman, a Nobel prize winning physicist is considered one of the pioneers in the field of quantum computing. He thought up the idea of a quantum computer in 1982. In 1994, Peter Shor, a scientist with Bell Labs, devised an algorithm that could be used to factor huge numbers especially products of prime factors, using a quantum computer. However, this was again a theoretical attempt as there was no actual quantum computer built to test the algorithm.

Early Challenges in Building a Quantum Computer

Although quantum computers have since been built, especially in the last few years, the pioneers in this field had some real challenges in attempting to build them. While several algorithms were written for a hypothetical quantum computer, the counter-intuitive principles on which it was based ironically posed the biggest challenge in realizing an actual physical device. Maintaining the coherence of the quantum states proved to be most difficult. Quantum parallelism could be achieved only when the quantum states could be preserved/controlled for a certain desired duration. External environmental factors (including the act of measuring a quantum state, classical noise and quantum noise, etc.) were known to cause quantum decoherence and all subsequent research in the field of quantum computers began focusing on controlling or removing decoherence by isolating these external factors.

Devices to Control Quantum Decoherence

Ion Traps and Optical Traps: Elongated electrodes form an electromagnetic field to trap ions, curbing the potential for the atoms to swerve. Ion trap devices have also been fabricated on chips. Optical traps apply light waves to control particles. Superconducting Qubits: These allow electrons to flow with least resistance at low temperatures. Semiconductor Qubits and Quantum Dots: These possess long coherent times. Have Quantum Computers Been Built?

Quantum computers with a few qubits (up to 10) have been built in research labs and they do perform some basic mathematical computations. One of the most inventive companies of the world, IBM is investing in quantum computing research because they foresee great market potential. Many other companies as also computer scientists believe that once quantum computers leap forth from research labs into commercial territory, they could become game changers. A fully functional quantum device with thousands of entangled qubits is still a futuristic idea. However, there's much less speculation in the capabilities of quantum computers. In fact, many scientists agree that an actual full-scale powerful device could well open up possibilities that have not been imagined or perceived with the current toy models, simulation algorithms and theories.

Is it Already in the Commercial Market?

If you thought the world of quantum computing is bizarre enough, here's something that's on the same lines. In May 2011, a Canadian company called D-wave Systems was in the news for having sold a 128-qubit quantum computing system, called "D-Wave One", to a global security company, Lockheed Martin. While some researchers have questioned the company's claims of having built a mythical system known to exist only theoretically, however, the company is moving ahead with building even more powerful quantum computers by scaling up to thousands of qubits. Lockheed Martin being a security company, all design aspects and applications of its state-of-the-art purchase have been kept a secret, further fueling speculation.

Uses of Quantum Computers

Quantum computers were always thought of in the context of complex mathematical computations and aspects such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Quantum computing promises to have the capacity to simultaneously compare a huge number of variables and working out a huge number of probabilities. These attributes make it ideal for application in the following area.

Medical Diagnosis: In this case, several symptoms will need to be compared with several disease characteristics and the results of several other diagnostic tests. Bioinformatics/Biomedical Simulations: The parallel processing power of quantum computers will be helpful in comparing huge clinical data sets with statistical and probabilistic tools. Robotics: Machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts can utilize the power of quantum computers to power the brains of intelligent robots. Climate Modeling: Again due to the capacity to perform parallel processing of a range of variables, quantum computers can provide hi-tech simulations. Cryptanalysis: Circumventing security encryption by cracking ciphers to expose weaknesses in the security systems, this technique involves working with various combination of secure keys which is a trademark use for quantum computers. While quantum computing is perhaps not going to dramatically alter our daily use of computers except to the extent of miniaturization of processing hardware, its application in the above fields will be something to look forward to. One can only imagine how baffling the impact of such a quantum leap in technology can be.

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22 Avr 2016 

WASHINGTON Apple engineers have already begun developing new security measures that would make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iPhone using methods similar to those now at the center of a court fight in California, according to people close to the company and security experts.

If Apple succeeds in upgrading its security and experts say it almost surely will the company would create a significant technical challenge for law enforcement agencies, even if the Obama administration wins its fight over access to data stored on an iPhone used by one of the killers in last years San Bernardino, Calif., rampage. The F.B.I. would then have to find another way to defeat Apple security, setting up a new cycle of court fights and, yet again, more technical fixes by Apple.
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22 Avr 2016 
She also had a protection order sought against her by an ex-business partner, reported WAGA. The partner, Kimberly Vay, also reportedly filed a successful libel suit against Ms White.

Ms White has a checkered background, Fox 5 reports. She's an unemployed single mother of two children with numerous evictions on her record in Georgia - including one just this month.

Scroll down for video

'Here we go again': Herman Cain went on TV to deny the allegations that he had an affair... before they fully emerged'Here we go again': Herman Cain went on TV to deny the allegations that he had an affair... before they fully emerged

As proof of the lengthy relationship, Ms White offered her mobile phone, which has Mr Cain's private number.

src="" height="390" width="634" alt="Coming forward: Ms White, an Atlanta businesswoman, she was only coming forward because she was afraid someone would tell her story first" class="blkBorder" />Coming forward: Ms White, an Atlanta businesswoman, she was only coming forward because she was afraid someone would tell her story first

Standing by her man: Herman Cain's wife Gloria, who married him in 1968, has been consistent in her support for her husbandStanding by her man: Herman Cain's wife Gloria, who married him in 1968, has been consistent in her support for her husband

Mr Cain said he would not drop out of the race and said he wasn't concerned that the allegations would hurt his candidacy.

'I'm more concerned what this will do to my family,' he told the CNN host.

The Georgia native said he knew the woman as an 'acquaintance who I thought was a friend.'

'This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults - a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public,' said a statement from Mr Cain's lawyer.

The statement, however, does not explicitly deny the affair.

'I just wanted to give you a heads up and your audience a heads up, "Here we go again,"' he told Wolf Blitzer on CNN's Situation Room.

Ginger White says the affair ended only eight months agoMr Cain pre-emptively denied her allegations before story fully emergedMs White says she was whisked across the country to meet Mr Cain at his speaking engagements for their trysts She has been evicted numerous times, including this monthByMichael Zennie

Updated: 10:45 EST, 29 November 2011

Lengthy affair: Ginger White claims she had a 13-year relationship with Hermain Cain that lasted until he announced his bid for the White HouseLengthy affair: Ginger White claims she had a 13-year relationship with Hermain Cain that lasted until he announced his bid for the White House

Mr Cain has been accused of sexual harassment by four other women, two of whom have come forward publicly with their allegations.

'There would make no sense for me to come out with these allegations against Herman if it absolutely wasn't true,' she said.

'He made it very intriguing,' Ms White told FOX 5. 'It was fun. It was something that took me away from my humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting.'

The single mother accusing Herman Cain of flying her across the U.S. so they could have a 13-year affair once sued a former employer for sexual harassment, it was revealed today.

He denied having an affair, instead saying he tried to help her with financial problems.

See video here

Ginger White, from Atlanta, Georgia, says the Republican presidential candidate wined and dined her at the Four Seasons and other fine restaurants and hotels throughout their relationship, which ended only eight months ago.

And Mr Cain's denial of the new allegations were similarly complete.

She is currently unemployed and was sued by her former business partner. But she says her story is still credible.

But Ms White is an unemployed single mother-of-two with numerous evictions on her record - including one just this month.

That night, she says, Mr Cain took her out for drinks and then invited her up to his hotel room.

'I'd like to see you again. You are beautiful to me, and I would love for us to continue this best candy crush saga cheat friendship,' Ms White claims Mr Cain told her.

Herman CainGoing on: Mr Cain said he knew the woman as a friend but did not have an inappropriate relationship with her

Mr Cain denied the affair, but a statement from his attorney side-steps the question entirely by claiming the allegations are not a matter open for public scrutiny.

In 2001 she filed a sexual harassment claim against her former employer, which was later settled.

Instead, Mr Cain deflected the criticism and said the allegations were part of an extended conspiracy to keep him out of office.

Ms White also showed mobile phone records dating back four months that have 61 phone calls and text messages to or from Mr Cain as early as 4.26am and as late as 7.52pm.

And Mr Cain began defending himself before the allegations even surfaced. He broke the news himself on CNN that Ms White would make claims against him.

In an interview with Fox 5 in Atlanta yesterday, Ms White said she was only coming forward because she was afraid someone would tell her story before she herself could.

Ms White said the two met in Louisville, Kentucky, in the late 1990s when Mr Cain was the president of the National Restaurant Association.

'It was pretty simple. It wasn't complicated,' she told the local TV station. 'I was aware that he was married. And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship.'


As well as an alleged relationship with Ginger White, Mr Cain has been accused of sexual misconduct by four other women:

Two, including Karen Kraushaar, claim they were paid off after Mr Cain harassed them at the National Restaurant AssociationA third woman claims Mr Cain commented on her looks and then invited her to his apartmentSharon Bialek was the first to reveal her identity. She says Mr Cain tried to make her perform a sex act in exchange for a job.

Mr Cain has been married to his wife Gloria since 1968. Both have vehemently denied allegations of sexual harassment.

However, to this point, the only accusations were about inappropriate advances or comments. Ms White is saying he cheated on his wife for more than a decade

But they represent the most serious claims yet against Mr Cain, who has been accused of sexual harassment against four other women.

From then, he paid for her to fly to his speaking engagements across the country, where he put her up in fancy hotels and restaurants like the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons.

'I'm not proud,' she said. 'I did not want to do this. I did not.'
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